• About Me

    Hi I'm Matt Slater. Welcome to my online home.


    I build, invest in and advise technology startups.


    I’ve started 4 ventures to date. I'm currently GP and Founder at Stateless Ventures, an early stage crypto asset investment firm. Stateless invests in blockchain protocols and companies building infrastructure, apps and products for the decentralized web.


    Prior to Stateless, I was Co-founder and GP at Synapse Capital - also an early stage crypto asset investment firm.


    Prior to Synapse, I was co-founder and CEO of Hedgy – a blockchain derivatives startup backed by Tim Draper and Marc Benioff. A pioneer of smart contract technology, we built one of the first decentralized exchanges for crypto derivatives. Hedgy was acquired by Wyre, Inc. in 2018 where I currently sit as an advisor.


    I started my first business, a screen-printing company Campus Ink, from my dorm room at the age of 19. Post college, during my grad studies in finance, I discovered bitcoin and became an early adopter of cryptocurrency in 2013. I’ve since invested in over 40 companies and crypto projects as both an angel investor and VC. Some of my notable investments include Ethereum (seed), 0x (pre seed), MakerDAO, Synthetix (Seed), Keep Networks (seed), Cosmos (seed), Augur (seed), Republic Protocol, Aave and Alto IRA among others.


    As an entrepreneur and investor with a background in law I bring a wide skill set. One of my strengths is the ability to cross pollinate ideas and sectors. My three primary skills lay at the intersection of technology, finance and law. While I have developed a deep expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain, my interests and investment scope are wide ranging across multiple sectors.


    I hold a Bachelors in Business from USC, a Masters in Finance from Hult Business School and a JD from Loyola Law School.


    I'm a perpetual learner with a curious mind. I love reading cutting edge books, drinking bulletproof coffee and traveling off the beaten path.


    Take risks, reward follows

  • If you stick to the script, you can be assured of mediocrity.

    - Tom Barrack

  • Experience

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    Stateless Ventures

    Founder 2020 - Present

    A Crypto Asset Investment Firm Helping Catalyze A New Internet Via Decentralized Protocols

    Notable investments include Ethereum (Seed 2014), 0x (Pre-Seed), Ren Protocol, Synthetix (Seed), Tokemak (Series A), Osmosis, Aave, Keep Network (Seed), Cosmos (Seed), MakerDAO, Theta Labs, Augur among others.

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    Synapse Capital

    Managing Partner 2017- 2020

    A hybrid venture/hedge fund focused on emerging technologies.


    Investment areas include AI, Blockchain/cryptocurreny, fintech, developer tools and education.

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    Pareto Properties

    Investor|  2018 - Present

    A real estate investment firm that sources, rehabilitates and manages residential real estate in qualified opportunity zones.

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    Co-Founder |  August 2014 - June 2016

    Hedgy is a seed funded fintech startup reimagining financial derivatives using blockchain technology. Hedgy raised $1.2M in seed funding backed by investors including Tim Draper and Marc Benioff. We started Hedgy to democratize access to the financial markets. We built one of the first crypto asset smart contracts allowing businesses to hedge volatility risk. Later we built blockchain apps and prototypes for financial institutions.


    Hedgy was acquired by Wyre in 2018.


    Learn more here: Hedgy

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    Angel Investing

    Individual Investor|  2013 - Present

    I began angel investing in 2013. Notable investments include Ethereum, 0x, Synthetix, Ren Protocol, Keep, Cosmos, MakerDAO, Theta Labs, Latchel, Augur, Airhouse, Alto IRA and Seated among others.

  • Organizations

    Some organizations I am involved with and care about

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    The On Deck Fellowship (ODF) is a 10-week virtual program where you'll have access to a network of 200+ talented founders from all over the world who are all in the early stages of working on their next company.

    ODF is the perfect place to explore one or multiple ideas, meet a co-founder, and build on an early concept.


    I participated in ODF4 Spring 2020

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    Kairos Society - Alumni

    The Kairos Society works to find and empower the young pioneers who will push the world forward through entrepreneurship and innovation. We view today’s global problems as opportunities for entrepreneurs to focus on the meaningful businesses and innovations that will radically change the world for the better.

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    The Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) is a fellowship program that provides mission-driven entrepreneurs, investors and start-up teams with a platform to incubate global impact ventures from New Zealand.

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    Boost VC - Alumni

    Boost is a bitcoin focused startup accelerator based in the heart of San Mateo. At Boost we believe that with the proper business and product guidance, any entrepreneur can build a great idea into an amazing company.  I participated in Batch 4 in the summer of 2014. Now as an Alumni I help the new startups and give tips on all things startup related.

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    Donor & Supporter

    Moneythink is the only movement of young people working to restore the economic health of America through financial education. We believe financial education is one of the highest-leverage actions we as a society can take to build a better future. We won’t stop until every student in America graduates prepared to navigate the financial decisions of the real world. 

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    Bad Ass Advisors is an invite-only network that matches great advisors to growing companies. The goal being to reduce the time, paperwork, guesswork, happenstance and coincidence in helping startups find advisors.

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